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postheadericon Travel and Photography Today Year in Review 2011

Holy Cow…I can’t believe 2011 is coming to an end!  It’s been quite a year, wouldn’t you say?  To sum it up I would just have to say it went by too FAST.  It really was a great year, but I can’t believe it’s over. 

This blog made it’s debut on June 19, 2011 and it’s been quite a journey!  I’ve learned a lot about how to run and maintain a site (I’m still learning) and have a long way to go with where I want it to be!  I’m coming along in my photography journey and hope to spend a lot more time on that in 2012!  It’s like a never ending process that most of the time brings me joy, but other times makes me want to cry! 

I’m so inspired by the different blogs I follow…there are amazing, creative, talented people out there and they inspire me to want to soar!  Regular people sharing their lives is so real!  I love trying new recipes and occasionally new crafts (I’m so not crafty) from people out there in cyberspace and I haven’t been disappointed yet!  I hope that I’ve given a little travel inspiration or maybe provided a recipe that turned out to be a hit! 

I have big plans in the new year… thank you for being part of this with me and for all the kind words you shared with me!  Here is a little recap of 2011….. 


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postheadericon Interview Series: Maldives

I am very excited to share this interview with you!  My friend, Angela, just got back from one of the most amazing places that is most definitely on my bucket list…Maldives!


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postheadericon Bentley Under the Christmas Tree


postheadericon Photo of the Day: Evening Sun

I was looking through my 8 year old daughter’s  camera
and found this picture that she took the other night from our backyard!  What a beautiful evening sunset!

postheadericon The Comedy Zone at Galway Hooker

OK, so I’m a little behind!  With the holidays and a new puppy things have been kind of crazy, but I have to share with you this gem of a place that Spencer and I love going to!  It’s called Galway Hooker and every Tuesday night there is a comedy show upstairs at the Comedy Zone.  Just a few days ago Spencer wrote on his blog that laughter is the best medicine and he is so right!  Being the smarty pants he is he went on about all of the health benefits, but I’m going to just say…GO.  You will laugh you butt off and be so glad that you did. 
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