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I want to tell you that this place is terrible and you should not go, but I wouldn’t be honest if I said that!  This place is Anna Maria Island’s best kept secret for sure!  It’s a shallow sandbar where the Gulf of Mexico meets Tampa Bay and my only regret is that I wish we would have discovered it earlier!  The sand is the softest white sand ever.  The water is calm and clear and I kid you not, we walked out at least a half mile and it was no more than waist high!  We found conch shells, sand dollars, crabs, and even came up close and personal with a giant manatee swimming by!  The girls were so excited that he came up for air at just the right time when we were literally 2 feet from him!

When we first arrived I saw something flapping up toward the water and at first I thought it was a sea turtle, but upon closer inspection this guy came swimming out….not sure what happened to shake him up, but he watched us watching him for a few minutes, posed for a few pictures, and then flew away!

This place was named after George Emerson Bean who was the first permanent resident on the island and this northernmost point was his first place of residency.  The backdrop is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and if you scoot around the island just a bit you will see the famous Rod and Reel Pier.

Here we are walking out to the sandbar.  Upon reading reviews of this place I learned that there are very strong currents and people have had to be pulled back to shore due to the undertow.  You can see how deep it is, but as a precaution I had the girls in their life jackets until we were actually on the sandbar.  We didn’t experience strong currents on the way out, but on the way back we did feel the pull.  The water can be misleading so be careful and use precautions!

Getting There:

It is just North of the City Pier and is only accessible via public walkways in a residential neighborhood.  We parked at Gladiolus Street and N Shore Drive, but pay attention to the signs and only park in designated areas.  Make sure your tires are completely off the street as this is strictly enforced.


Once you find a suitable parking spot walk down a public path to the beach.

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5 Responses to “Bean Point”

  • […] Anna Maria Island is just one of many many cool places to see wildlife in Florida!  From Manatees swimming at the beach to birds on the Coquina Bay Walk, Anna Maria has many great viewing opportunities.  Also check out Bean Point! […]

  • Marion Z Costa:

    Interesting images. WE were here for 10 days recently on Bean Point.
    Beautiful beaches,waters. My daughters threw caution to the wind and walked many times to the sandbar despite a warning from a resident there had been a recent drowning here. Ashame, they don’t warn familes who use this area. I had google topo aerial maps and it was easy to see the deep channel alongside the sand bar.

  • Lola:

    I’m so glad I found this! We’re going to the island in April for our 3rd year in a row and we can NEVER figure out how to get to bean point!!! We literally drove around for 20 minutes last year lol.

  • Stephanie:

    Thank you for this article! I read it a few months back right before we went back. My husband works out of town a lot so the kids(we homeschool) and I travel with him whenever we can and find neat things to do during the day. Anna Maria is our absolute favorite place and we have been many times but have somehow missed Bean Point. We went 3 days that week and it is oir new favorite spot!

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