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postheadericon Six Great Places You Can See Marine Life in the Wild


Monk Seals Hawaii

It’s an amazing feeling to see animals in the wild, in their natural environments.  There is something refreshing and peaceful knowing they’re doing exactly what they’re meant to do….what the choose to do.


Six Great Places You Can See Marine Life in the Wild

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postheadericon Humpback Whales in Australia

My mother-in-law and I share the same passion of whale watching and when she got back from Australia last September and showed me her pictures of a whale tour she went on I was completely in awe! 

She’s been on a couple different whale watching tours in various parts of the USA (including Alaska and Oregon), but she says this one was, by far, the most fantastic one she’s ever experienced! 

Each year, during winter, humpback whales migrate from Antarctic waters to the warm waters of the tropics for calving.  They pass through South Island New Zealand and many arrive in Hervey Bay around late July.  They  remain until November when they begin their return to the southern ocean. 

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