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postheadericon Maligne Canyon: Photo Tour


Maligne Canyon:  Our #1 in Jasper National Forest

When we reflected on all of the amazing sights and activities we did in Jasper, it was unanimous that Maligne Canyon was #1.  It’s natural beauty, beautiful gushing water, and huge cliffs were just a few things that drew us to this hike not once, but twice!  Enjoy the Photo Walk!

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postheadericon Five Beautiful Lakes in Alberta, Canada

Moraine Lake

1.  Moraine Lake

Fed by the glaciers, this stunning lake is located in Banff National Park just 8.7 miles outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada!  It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.


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postheadericon Banff Gondola – Must-Do in Banff National Park

View from the Top of Sulpher Mountain


Banff Gondola

Incredible Mountain views Await You

The journey begins with an 8-minute gondola ride that will get your heart pumping as it slowly climbs up to the top of Sulphur Mountain!  The spectacular views are worth the ride and once you reach the top you’ll have a bird’s eye view of six mountain ranges!  Once you reach the top you can walk to the right on the boardwalk to the weather station.  This is a moderate walk, but the views are worth the little exertion!  There are plenty of places to stop along the way to take it all in! 

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postheadericon Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure in the Canadian Rockies ~ A Once in a Lifetime Experience


Have you ever stood on a glacier that is nearly 1000 feet deep?  Not many can say that they have, but if you visit the Canadian Rockies you can do just that!  The Columbia Icefield Glacier is the most visited glacier on the North American Continent and you can do this once in a lifetime experience during a fun and unique 80 minute journey any time between April and mid October.

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postheadericon The FOX Hotel and Suites – Banff National Park


When visiting the Canadian Rockies I’m pretty sure that staying in Banff is on your list of things to do!  After all, it’s a beautiful town with endless opportunities of things to do and see.  It’s quaint, but busy, feel are both charming and modern and the summer months weather can not be beat!  So if you’re looking for places to stay in Banff, I highly recommend The Fox Hotel and Suites!

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postheadericon Pyramid Lake {Photo}

postheadericon Becker’s Chalets in Jasper National Forest – Hotel Review



In July, we escaped the heat of the South and headed up to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains for a week long adventure in Jasper National Park and Banff National Park!  We saw the most beautiful lakes, got up close and personal with tons of wildlife, stood on a 1,000 foot deep glacier, and hiked all through the area!  I’d spent a lot of time researching where to stay in each place and, for Jasper National Park, had my heart set on Becker’s Chalets.  I had a friend that stayed a long time ago and said great things about it, but what really sealed the deal was knowing how much my kids would love not only staying at a place on such a beautiful river, but also experiencing the frequent nightly visits by the elk!

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postheadericon Weeping Wall: Banff National Park


Weeping Wall, Banff National Park



postheadericon Petyo Lake, Banff National Park: A Must-See Lake


Is Peyto Lake Really That Blue?

YES, It Sure Is!  The bright, turquoise color is because of glacial rock flower that flows into the lake in the summer.





Peyto Lake – Located inside of Banff National Park

This must-see lake is located on the Icefields Parkway and can be easily accessed via a steep, paved walkway to a viewing deck.




postheadericon Athabasca Falls: Jasper, Alberta


Athabasca Falls is a magnificently powerful waterfall located in Jasper National Park just off the Icefields Parkway.  Flowing from the glaciers of the Columbia Icefields, the Athabasca River rushes through a narrow gorge where, by the sheer force of rushing water, the walls have been smoothed and a short canyon and potholes have been formed.



Oh So Interesting


The Good:

These uber powerful waterfalls are a very short walk from the parking area.  You get a great view from several different viewing points and have the option to walk further to see the calm lake they flow into.

The Bad:

You will not be alone at this very popular tourist stop!  The crowds can get quite large and there is not a lot of room to spread out!







Travel Tip:  Arrive early to beat the crowds!




The Athabasca Falls are rated the #1 attraction on Tripadvisor.  I’m not so sure I agree, but it’s certainly worth the visit!




These falls are among the most powerful in the Canadian Rockies and put off a lot of mist (camera beware)!  The rocks can get very slippery so use caution when walking and never go outside of the designated paths!

Restroom Facilities Available


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