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postheadericon Family Fun in the Las Vegas Desert Sun & Family Fun in the Maui Sun



I’m super excited to be sharing this piece today!  I’ve teamed up with fellow traveler and mom, Kendra Thornton, and together we are going to share our “Favorite Places to Travel.”

For Kendra Las Vegas, Nevada holds a special place in her heart and she’s excited to share the off-the-beaten-path charm of the city that never sleeps!  I’m sharing my favorite place, Maui Hawaii!  Two very different places.  Two Amazing Vacations!

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postheadericon Travel Tip: Ziploc Bag Your Hotel Remote

Bag Your Remote


Travel Tip Thursday:  Bag the TV Remote

If you haven’t considered this yet, it’s time that you do!  The TV Remote, along with the bedside lamp switch, are among the most contaminated surfaces in a hotel room!  Just imagine how many people put their hands on it and how often it’s actually cleaned….gross!  So the next time you’re on vacation simply bring a quart size Ziploc bag with you and put the remote right inside!  The remote will still work and you will have peace of mind that your hands are not being tainted with germs!

postheadericon Travel Tip: Disney Crowd Calendar

Cinderella's Castle


Travel Tip Thursday

Are you thinking about booking an Orlando Vacation, but are unsure of when to go?  You don’t want to spend your day waiting in long lines and I’m sure your kiddos don’t, either!  Check out this awesome, and by awesome I mean totally awesome, crowd calendar  from Undercover Tourist.  It will not only show you the best parks to go to on specific days, but it will show you how busy it’s going to be for the entire year!  The calendar is based on anticipated crowd levels, but in my experience, it’s been right on!

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postheadericon 10 Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2014

Maligne Lake


10 Travel Resolutions to Follow in 2014


2014 is here….A Fresh Start!  It’s time to skip those traditional New Year’s Resolutions and make ones that really matter like travelling more and spending quality time with your loved ones!

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postheadericon Arriving in the Canadian Rockies: Banff and Jasper


Who: Myself, Spencer, our two girls, and my awesome in-laws!

When: July, one of the regions warmest (and busiest) months with an endless selection of things to do:

Why Go: It’s one of the most beautiful places in North America and an awesome family vacation destination spot!  From spotting wildlife to soaking in the natural beauty of the incomparable mountain scenery, this is one vacation you’ll never forget!



How we got there: Flew into Calgary Airport (YYC) and then rented a mini van.  The distance from Calgary Airport to Jasper is about 5.5 hours.  The distance from Calgary to Banff it’s about 1.5 hours.  Our flight arrived in the afternoon and we didn’t want to make the long drive in the same day so we stayed one night in Banff and then drove out to Jasper the next morning.

The Bow Field Parkway and the Icefields Parkway are two of the most scenic drives in Canada so it’s best not to rush through them!  It’s best to allow 6-8 hours for the drive! Along the way you may spot elk, bear, deer, and other wild creatures!

Travel Tip: When you arrive in Canada make sure to stop for necessities in Calgary.  Bottled water, for example, was almost double the price in Banff and Jasper.  Calgary is the most affordable place to stock of on drinks and snacks!

Our Accommodations Itinerary:

Night 1:  Banff.  Get aquatinted with the area.
Nights 2-4:  Jasper National Forest @ Becker’s Chalets
Nights 5-7:  Banff @ Fox Hotel and Suites

Travel Tip: If you have an early morning flight it may be best to stay in Calgary the night before.


National Park Pass: Parks Canada requires you to buy a pass to drive into the national parks.  Visit their website to determine if you should buy a daily pass or a yearly pass.  For our six people for seven nights we got the yearly pass for $136.40.

Did you Know: Daylight hours in July the Canadian Rockies are from 5:30 am- 10:00 pm?  That’s a lot of daylight!!

postheadericon Three Affordable Places to Eat in Maui

Our Top 3 Delicious, Yet Affordable, Places to Eat in Maui

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postheadericon Distance Between Hawaiian Islands

Distance Between Hawaiian Islands

Travel Planner:  Distance between the Hawaiian Islands and Airport Codes

Are you looking for a way to travel between the Hawaiian Islands?  There used to be a ferry, but it no longer runs between the island so now you have only two choices.  You may rent a private charter or you can take a commercial inter-island flight.  There are, however, day excursions that let you explore another island and then take you back.

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postheadericon Planning is the Key to Good Travel Photography

Brian Osborne Photography


When I ask in one of my classes what people enjoy taking pictures of, the top answer second only to their children and families, is travel.  This makes sense does it not?  We travel for pleasure and to experience different places but nothing is better than bringing home images that will forever help us to recall the special memories we had and the places we saw.  Now I am biased in that if there is a scale between tourist and photographer, I am way on the side of photographer.  Therefore, the advice below is from that prospective.  However, getting great photographs when we are traveling requires a good deal of photography skills and planning.  Many people approach photography as if it is easy and when something great happens, they know enough to get the shot.  The problem is that is not always true.  I believe what is required to get great images is learning more about photography, practicing and then planning.  In this post, it is the planning that I want to concentrate on.  Planning, what comes to your mind when you think about not only planning a trip but planning for getting great shots?  Here are a few of my thoughts:

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postheadericon Surviving a Long Car Ride

Long car rides are the worst part of a vacation, right?  The only thing good about them is the reward  of  your arrival, which usually means something fun!  We’ve been on many many many  a lot of road trips and have a few tips we’ve learned along the way to make the most of them….I’ll even venture to say make them fun!

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