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Our third port of the cruise was to Carnival’s private island; Mahogany Bay.  Mahogany Bay is on the island of Roatan, one of the Honduras Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea.  The port has duty free shopping, bars, restaurants, excursion options, and ofcourse a private beach.

For this port we booked a private tour of the entire island.  We wanted to get the true feeling of this country rather than just staying at Carnival’s little Disneyland!  In fact, independent tour operators are not even allowed into the terminal area to pick up passengers.  You need to walk up a big hill and exit the security gate if you’ve booked privately….and so we did!  After leaving the cruise port terminal the island definitely boasts a more rustic feel, especially in comparison to the other ports on this journey.  There is a lot of elevation and the island has very lush jungles!  There is one main road that takes you from end to end with all of the side roads off of that.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and told us about the history of the island and their way of life.  We also learned that the island has very little crime and understood why as we saw the police present at beaches, in front of stores, inside and outside of the banks, and on the roads!  Snorkeling and scuba diving are the main attractions here as it sits right next to the barrier reef.  I really wish we had more time because we would have loved to get out there and see the reefs.  Maybe next time!

We made a stop at Victor Bodden’s Monkey Business where we got to hold and play with little monkeys.  They are curious little things so watch your pockets because they like to pick them!  The park also had a lot of other birds and animals as well as zip-lining.  The girls just loved the hands on aspect of this place, but my heart went out to those little monkeys.  They looked a little frightened and I think they were pretty young.  One of them kept escaping from his habitat, but he always came back.  His little buddy didn’t like it when he was out.  Actually, when we were walking out he jumped on me and hung on so tight I didn’t want to let him go.

We took a quick stop at Bananarama Dive, but we were running short on time (worst part of a cruise) so we had to get back.  Here is a picture of the beautiful beach there:

Finally we got to enjoy the beach at Mahogany Bay.  You can either take the flying beach chairs or walk a very short path to get to the beach.  The beach chair takes you about 6 minutes and I think walking is the same.  As you exit you walk through a little shopping area and come out to onto the beach were there is a restaurant, playground, rental activities, and more.  The water is shallow and calm making it a perfect beach for young kids.

These photos were taken with my waterproof camera or my Nikon d7000

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4 Responses to “Roatan, Honduras”

  • Dana:

    We were in Mahogany Bay last week and I really enjoyed reading your post. It sounds like you got a great tour! Unfortunately, it was pouring while we were there and we skipped our zip line ride. We did get to spend time with some monkeys and macaws, though.

  • Chris:

    We stopped by Mahogany Bay last week through Carnival Cruise. We got off the ship, visited some stores, and went to the beach. It was a very clean place and the views were magnificent, especially the tropical plants. Unfortunately, our stay at Mahogany Bay only lasted 8 hours. Our ship left port in the evening. We would like to come back to visit this island again.


  • Went to Mahogany Bay from our cruise ship Carnival Pride. We found the Island to be just amazing. Very clean and organized with lots of beauty. The Island people were fantastic and friendly. This left us with an amazing memory even if we don’t get back for a visit. Highly recommended.

  • Sylvia:

    WE went last year and are going again this year.
    we are going on a cruise and when we step off, we will be met by Franky.
    Of Franky tours.
    Everyone should ask for him when you got off the cruise ship.
    he took us all over the island and showed us a lot that we would not get to see on a shore excursion.
    we are going to get him again this year. we are taking others with us this time and he already knows our date.
    this is a wonderful person, he will treat you right.

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