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postheadericon Cumberland Island






Cumberland Island, Georgia

Georgia’s largest barrier island, free from cars, where the horses roam free! 





What is Cumberland Island?

Cumberland Island is a preserved barrier island on Georgia’s southern coast and one of the few places in the world where you can see wild horses roaming free.  It feels like you step back in time as you take in the remote and undeveloped land, tour the ruins, and relax on the pristine beach.  It’s a nature lovers dream.  A photographers paradise.  A history buffs classroom.


Cumberland Island has been on my list for some time.  We’ve visited most of the major coastal cities between North Carolina and Florida, but had yet to make arrangements to visit Cumberland Island.  In part, it was probably because it takes a little more planning than just going on a weekend trip exploring a city.  To visit Cumberland Island you must made advanced reservations on a ferry (unless you’re lucky enough to know someone that can take you there by private boat or if you’re staying at the Greyfield Inn).   The reservations can be made up to six months in advance and often fill up since the public access limit is only 300 people per day.  I’m always hesitant to plan something that far in advance, but I’m so glad I did because it was a day we’ll never forget!




The Wild Horses at Cumberland Island

The main reason we wanted to visit was to see the wild horses on Cumberland Island roaming free.  We were not disappointed!  Within the first few minutes of our arrival we were shocked to a large group of horses, including a baby, grazing in the field near the crumbling ruins of a Carnegie mansion.  We were in awe watching them do their thing as if nothing or nobody in the world existed!


Cumberland Horse


Horses on Cumberland Island






Cumberland Island Horses



Horses on Cumberland Island



Visiting Cumberland Island with Kids



my girls






Without a doubt this will probably be one of the most natural places you’ll ever visit!  It’s a true blessing to be able to witness a place so untouched and unspoiled in todays day and age!


The Sand Dunes

Shame on me for not taking more photos of the dunes and beach, but hauling our stuff through the sand and over those dunes was quite a task!  However, trust me when I say that you’ve probably never seen dunes like these before.  The soft-sand path to the tranquil and deserted beachfront bring you over some of the tallest and most beautiful sand dunes we’ve ever seen!




*I packed a soft roller cooler to carry all of our drinks, lunch, towels, etc. and for the most part the ground was hard and it was manageable.  When we got closer to the beach the sand got softer and it became more difficult.  Next time we will all just carry a small backpack with our own stuff!


The Beach

The hard-packed sand beach stretches on and on as far as you can see and is completely untouched by any development.  You’ll walk over the dunes via a wooden boardwalk, but otherwise it’s completely natural!  Here is where we truly relaxed.  We spread a blanket down and the kids frolicked in the waves.  They saw a dolphin close to shore and they had a blast looking and finding sand dollars!  In the hustle and bustle of life it was so refreshing to just sit still and take it all in.  It’s what life is all about folks!




Just when we thought we saw it all we were in awe yet again!  As we were stepping out of the wide open space on the waterfront we entered an enchanted forest-like path though the campground and we were definitely not prepared for the beauty of the live oak and palmettos that surrounded us!  As campers (camper campers, not tent campers) I must say that this is one of the most beautiful campgrounds I’ve ever seen.





Cumberland Island Campground has both developed and wilderness camping available.  Visit their page for more info!


Things to Know

  • The only way to get there is by ferry or private boat.
  • You must take everything you need with you.  Food, drinks, sunscreen, etc.  There are no concessions.
  • You must take all of your trash off of the island with you.  There are no garbage cans.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Pack bug spray.
  • Plan on walking the island or taking a guided van tour.
  • Bikes are available to rent on a first come first serve basis.
  • Pack a camera and make sure it’s charged!







postheadericon Triple Falls ~ Asheville Waterfalls ~ {Photography}


Triple Falls is located in Dupont State Forest, 40 miles southwest of Asheville, NC








Good To Know:


  • You may recognize this waterfall from the widely popular movie the Hunger Games.  This particular waterfall has the scene where Peeta is hiding in the mud and Katniss finds him.
  • Sky Top Orchard is nearby and a great place to pick apples (seasonal).
  • For the outdoorsy types, I highly recommend camping at Black Forest Family Campground if you plan on exploring the area!
  • If you’re visiting in the summer and want to plunge into the icy mountain water check out Sliding Rock, A Natural 60 ft. Waterslide in the NC Mountains
  • Also visit High Falls and Hooker Falls which are on the same hiking loop!  I wrote about all three a few years ago!  Visit that post here.



    postheadericon Five Fun Ways to Enjoy Fall with the Family

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    postheadericon Camping Near DuPont State Forest, NC: Black Forest Family Campground

    Black Forest Family Campground~Not Your Ordinary Campground

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    postheadericon Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Hana, Maui

    Black Sand Beach, Maui


    Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach~ Maui, Hawaii

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    postheadericon Linville – Stay Cool and See the Mountains from the Inside or Take a Hike to see The Most Photographed Waterfall in NC

    North Carolina is full of wonderful things to see.  The scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway will show you beauty and grace.  It is filled with small mountain towns, scenic overlooks, and recreational opportunities!

    If you get the opportunity~make a stop at Linville Caverns and then take a hike to see the huge, majestic Linville Falls.

    Linville Caverns lie deep inside the Humpback Mountain and are the only caverns in NC.  They offer a guided 35-40 minute tour of the inside of the cavern telling you about the history and showing you the work of nature!

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    postheadericon DuPont State Forest

    As a child I spent weekends boating and fishing with my family and we often ended up camping on some island!  I remember swimming in the Gulf and exploring the beach.  We would set up our tent and sit by the campfire, but one of many memories that I will never forget was when I woke up one morning to find that raccoons has gotten into our cooler and eaten our donuts!  Let’s face it, as a kid donuts are really very important!  (OK, they still are!)  I was excited and sad all at the same time.  I never actually saw the raccoons, only their tiny little footprints running off into the woods and an empty box of Entenmann’s!

    We want our girls to have the same great memories campfires and sleeping under the stars and the DuPont State Forest is the perfect place for that!  It is the home of some waterfalls that will take your breath away and the trails are kid friendly and well populated.  It is located in the Pisgah Forest and you can find directions here: It is located within an hour of Asheville NC, Hendersonville NC, and Greenville, SC.

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