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postheadericon Flying to Hawaii and Choosing the Right Airport


Kamaole Beach Park

A Guide to Choosing the Right Airport

You’ve dreamed of visiting the Aloha State and are finally ready to make it happen!   With 4 major islands to choose from, choosing one (or two) and getting there can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple!



Oahu’s airport is Honolulu International Airport (HNL) and it’s Hawaii’s largest airport and hub.  If you’re flying in from the mainland chances are you’ll have a connection here.  You can connect to any of the other islands via HNL.



Maui has two airports, but the major airport is Kahului Airport (OGG).  Some flights from the mainland fly directly into OGG.  There is another airport on the opposite side of the island called Hana Airport (HNM).  It’s in a more secluded area and you should only consider this if you’re planning on Hana your destination.


Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island has two major airports, Kona International Airport (KOA) on the West side and Hilo International Airport (ITO) on the East side.  The west side (KOA) is where you’ll find many of the beautiful beach resorts, but if you plan on visiting the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you can consider flying into Hilo (ITO) and exploring there first!



Kauai’s major airport is Lihue Airport (LIH) and it’s located in southeastern Lihue.



Lanai is a smaller Hawaiian Island located near the coast of Maui.  The main airport is Lanai Airport (LNY).  You must fly into HNL or OGG and connect to Lanai.  You can also travel to Lanai via the Expeditions Ferry Service.



Molokai is a smaller Hawaiian Island and the main airport is Molokai Airport (MKK).  You must fly into HNL or OGG and connect to Molokai.  You can also travel to Molokai via the interisland ferry, The Molokai Princess.


So How Do I Get From One Island to Another?

The most predominate method of inter-island travel is by airlines.  You have a few airlines to choose from, but the major airline is Hawaiian Airline.  Flights are about 30 minutes long.  There is a Ferry Service that is available between Maui and Lanai and Maui and Molokai only.

Maui-Lanai Expeditions

Maui-Molokai Ferry


Distance Between Hawaiian Islands (Approximate)


  • Oahu to Kaua’i:  63 miles
  • Oahu to Maui:  115 miles
  • Oahu to Big Island: 208 miles
  • Oahu to Lana’i: 72 miles


  • Maui to Oahu:  115 miles
  • Maui to Kaua’i:  204 miles
  • Maui to Lana’i: 8 miles
  • Maui to Big Island: 26 miles 

Big Island

  • Big Island to Oahu:  208 miles
  • Big Island to Maui:  26 miles
  • Big Island to Kaua’i: 296 miles


  • Kaua’i to Oahu: 63 miles
  • Kaua’i to Maui: 204 miles
  • Kaua’i to Big Island: 296 miles


  • Lana’i to Oahu: 72 miles
  • Lana’i to Maui: 8 miles
  • Lana’i to Kaua’i: 186 miles


postheadericon Distance Between Hawaiian Islands

Distance Between Hawaiian Islands

Travel Planner:  Distance between the Hawaiian Islands and Airport Codes

Are you looking for a way to travel between the Hawaiian Islands?  There used to be a ferry, but it no longer runs between the island so now you have only two choices.  You may rent a private charter or you can take a commercial inter-island flight.  There are, however, day excursions that let you explore another island and then take you back.

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