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postheadericon Triple Falls ~ Asheville Waterfalls ~ {Photography}


Triple Falls is located in Dupont State Forest, 40 miles southwest of Asheville, NC








Good To Know:


  • You may recognize this waterfall from the widely popular movie the Hunger Games.  This particular waterfall has the scene where Peeta is hiding in the mud and Katniss finds him.
  • Sky Top Orchard is nearby and a great place to pick apples (seasonal).
  • For the outdoorsy types, I highly recommend camping at Black Forest Family Campground if you plan on exploring the area!
  • If you’re visiting in the summer and want to plunge into the icy mountain water check out Sliding Rock, A Natural 60 ft. Waterslide in the NC Mountains
  • Also visit High Falls and Hooker Falls which are on the same hiking loop!  I wrote about all three a few years ago!  Visit that post here.



    postheadericon Crystal Cove State Park – California

    Crystal Cove State Park is not just an ordinary beach along the beautiful Pacific coastline, it is a park that boasts wooded canyons, open bluffs, beautiful tidepools, and an offshore area designated as an under water park.  It is used by people looking to swim, surf, sunbath,  fish, mountain bike, and hike.  It is also a spot that had great dining and quaint historic cottages available for rent! 

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    postheadericon Linville – Stay Cool and See the Mountains from the Inside or Take a Hike to see The Most Photographed Waterfall in NC

    North Carolina is full of wonderful things to see.  The scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway will show you beauty and grace.  It is filled with small mountain towns, scenic overlooks, and recreational opportunities!

    If you get the opportunity~make a stop at Linville Caverns and then take a hike to see the huge, majestic Linville Falls.

    Linville Caverns lie deep inside the Humpback Mountain and are the only caverns in NC.  They offer a guided 35-40 minute tour of the inside of the cavern telling you about the history and showing you the work of nature!

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    postheadericon Interview Series: 1 Visiting the Canadian Rockies


    Welcome to Travel and Photography Today’s interview series, Interview 1, where we’ll share stories from different people about destinations around the world!  Our first interview is with Dana from

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    postheadericon Grandfather Mountain

    Grandfather Mountain is just one of those great day trips we love to do as a family.  It is located in Linville, North Carolina next to Blowing Rock and in the heart of the beautiful North Carolina mountains.  The main attraction here is the Mile High Swinging Bridge, but the park also has a nature museum, an animal park, restaurant, gift shop, and trails.  We typically like to stop in Blowing Rock and walk around the town, play at the park, and grab a bite to eat and then head over for the afternoon when the animals are a little more active!!

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    postheadericon Climb to the top of a Volcano in Oahu

    Diamond Head Volcano – Probably one of the most well know hikes in Hawaii, this extinct volcano is one you’ll definitely want to hike!  Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the views from the top are amazing!

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    postheadericon DuPont State Forest

    As a child I spent weekends boating and fishing with my family and we often ended up camping on some island!  I remember swimming in the Gulf and exploring the beach.  We would set up our tent and sit by the campfire, but one of many memories that I will never forget was when I woke up one morning to find that raccoons has gotten into our cooler and eaten our donuts!  Let’s face it, as a kid donuts are really very important!  (OK, they still are!)  I was excited and sad all at the same time.  I never actually saw the raccoons, only their tiny little footprints running off into the woods and an empty box of Entenmann’s!

    We want our girls to have the same great memories campfires and sleeping under the stars and the DuPont State Forest is the perfect place for that!  It is the home of some waterfalls that will take your breath away and the trails are kid friendly and well populated.  It is located in the Pisgah Forest and you can find directions here: It is located within an hour of Asheville NC, Hendersonville NC, and Greenville, SC.

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